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Today’s guest spent the bulk of her career as an investor and most recently managing $2 billion of consumer stocks.

You are about to discover how she made sure her idea can be a sustainable business, how she created brand ambassadors, and finally how to create a brand not just a product.

Susie Hultquist is the Founder and CEO of Spokin.


07:55 – What are the perspectives to consider when creating or planning sustainable projects and businesses? There’s much more than just a demand and supply formula.

08:50 – Consumer population: the value of information, data, and its significance to the app you’re developing.

11:55 – A solid personal knowledge/experience and structured data are some of the important things you need to equip yourself with when you pursue entrepreneurship.

13:49 – Why listening to what your customers are saying is the “secret sauce” to onboard and retain customers.

15:00 – Your brand needs to stand for something. You need to ask yourself questions like, ‘What are you trying to do?’, ‘Do you know what you (brand) are?’

20:21 – Things to consider when you build and cultivate your brand ambassadors.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Goop
– Fav book: Barking Up The Wrong Tree


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