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Specer Liu


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About the Episode

Today’s guest is the Co-Founder at KTplay which helped Crossy Road China double their weekend revenue with their in-game messaging system. You will discover the power of their platform, how to become a better leader, what to do when founder’s disagree and a whole lot more. Stay tune.

Spencer Liu is CEO at KTplay.

Show Notes

Discover The Power Of KTPlay’s Platform

Developers want the users to enjoy their app as much as they enjoy it themselves. Most developers create apps or games because they have a personal reason for it, however, creating a great game and keeping it ‘great’ can be challenging if you aren’t able to address issues and make improvements based on what the users want. This is where KTPlay comes in. It allows developers and users to establish a relationship. It’s also a platform for a real in-game community, so developers know how to improve their app/game straight from the users themselves. The best news? It’s absolutely free.

How To Become A Better Leader

Spencer Liu says that for him, to become a better leader means wanting other people to succeed too and accepting your limitations and allowing people to help you with those limitations. He also gives very good advice on how to build a team and find the best people that will be a perfect fit for what your company or what you, as a leader, need.

What To Do When Founders Disagree

Spencer Liu has co-founded a few companies, so he has very good ideas about how to deal with disagreements with his co-founders, one advice he has is that communicating and sticking by each other is key. Listen to the full podcast to find out more about Spencer Liu, KTPlay, how to overcome disagreements with co-founders and how to build the perfect team and be a better leader.

Show Mentions

Fav app : Rodeo Stampede (iTunes | Google Play)

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