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Do you struggle with trying to figure out how to take your business “to the next level” and ramp up your ability to provide value-added products and services to the marketplace?

Are you looking for ways to make your business more accessible to your market, hopefully increasing your revenues in the process?

Today’s consumers rely heavily on mobile apps, spending approximately 89 percent of their mobile media time on apps alone. Building an app used to be a costly and technical process reserved for professional developers and large corporations with big budgets.

In recent years, though, the emergence of software development kits that simplify and streamline the app building process have greatly reduced the costs and technical complexity of developing an app. This means that building an app has become much more accessible to small businesses and non-coders alike than ever before.

Building an app has never been more attainable or more essential, with companies of every size and scope joining the mobile app market. With this in mind, any company hoping to take their business to the next level needs to consider developing their own app, and this mobile app developer is going to tell you why.

Increased Visibility

Use today’s app-reliant consumer market to your advantage. Creating an app for your business physically puts your company name in front of consumers’ eyes and increases your brand’s visibility. With people spending far more time on apps than on mobile sites, having an app will help keep your name from falling through the cracks.

Direct to Consumer Marketing

Apps allow you to place important information at your customer’s fingertips, where it is easily accessible and readily viewable. Push notifications further increase direct consumer interaction, bringing news, promotions, and updates about services and products to the forefront of your user’s mobile device. Having an app for your business allows you to control how your customers receive information while also giving you a direct (and highly visible) channel with which to reach them.

Brand Loyalty

Many businesses create mobile apps that have a loyalty rewards program component to them. Such rewards programs are immensely attractive to consumers, providing existing users with an incentive to keep coming back and giving new customers a reason to get on board. The result is a win-win for you and your customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction, better customer retention, and increased brand visibility.

Brand Recognition

Having an app for your business means having another platform on which to build your brand voice and increase brand recognition. Design an app icon that captures your brand voice and implement a design sensibility that complements the services you provide. Be sure, however, to keep things simple and intuitive – complicated and clunky user interfaces will only hurt you, no matter how functional your app is. An app that is well branded and beautifully designed (and boasts a clean and easy-to-use interface), can go a long way in boosting brand recognition, strengthening your company’s voice, and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Once you’ve seen how much an app can benefit you and your business, taking things to the next level, you’ll never look back. You can achieve visibility and revenues that exceed your expectations, if you do the job right and get your app in front of your consumers. Follow along with AppMasters’ blog and podcast to get essential tips and pointers not only on how to develop and market your app, but also on how to best meet your users’ needs.

Olga Grigorenko

After graduating from Bates College with a BA in Art and Visual Culture, Olga worked as a Product and Studio Manager at Buero New York, a boutique design agency. Now, Olga works in the editorial department of a digital marketing start-up and app development agency where she enjoys writing about market trends in the technology industry.

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