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Sam Ovens


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About the Episode

Today’s guest built a $10M consulting business and he shares how to start your own consulting business, how to get new clients, and how to build your personal brand fast. Also, listen to his tip about using job boards to find industries that are growing.

Sam Ovens is Millionaire Consultant & Creator Of World’s Most Successful Training Programs For Consultants at Oven’s International.

Show Notes

How To Start Your Own Consulting Business

Sam Ovens started his consulting business in his parents garage in New Zealand, during that time, he also created an app, called SnapInspect, which became the #1 Property Inspection App in New Zealand and is also being used in the US. He sold it in 2013 (for millions!) and the money he made from the app he used to focus on his consulting agency. He then moved to Manhattan and made over $10M and has helped thousands of people all over the world to quit their 9-5 job and be able to do what makes them happy. He talks about how you too can start your own business in this podcast.

How To Get New Clients

According to Sam Ovens, when it comes to getting new clients, he believes in ‘quality over quantity’, he means that you should try and build relationships with your future clients and not worry about how many contacts you reach out to on a daily basis. Listen to the full podcast and listen to his tip about how using job boards can be helpful in looking for industries that are growing.

How To Build Your Personal Brand, Fast!

Anyone who has tried to make a name for himself, know that creating your personal brand can be a struggle, but Sam Ovens gives some insights on what you can do to build your own brand, even if you’re an introvert. He says that you don’t need to be able to have a million followers or be overly active on social media, the key is focus, and… Well, listen to the whole podcast to find out how you too can build your own personal brand and fast!

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