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 reUP - Anthony Kidd

reUP – Anthony Kidd


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About the Episode

Are you building your app without talking to real users? Well listen to how today’s guest built a new feature based on the feedback from a beta user. Also listen to the different marketing tactics we’ve tried and how you can learn from our failures.

Anthony Kidd is the developer of reUP Smart Inventory Management

Show Notes

Whatever the size of the business you are handling, it is imperative to track the items that go in and out of your inventory.  There are business consequences for not being able to manage and control this – from having your stocksbecome too high or dwindledown to levels that could put your businessinto jeopardy which may lead to loss of profit.

With almost 28 million small businesses in the US, our guest today, Anthony Kidd, may have just created an app that could help our folks improve the way they do business in a simple yet effective way.

Anthony is the developer and founder of reUP, a smart inventory management app for iPhone &iPad and which could be used by just anyone who buys and sells items.  Listen in and learn as Anthony shares the following:

  • Where the idea stemmed from and the processes that came after conceptualization,
  • The process of designing the app using app cooker,
  • The unique touch he had added in his website: a rap song he had performed himself,
  • Our sharing of experiences when it comes to marketing our apps,
  • His selection techniques for picking people to work with and the challenges he had encountered with offshore developers.
  • The next steps he had taken after he completed his app’s beta version and future plans for reUP.

Whether for business or leisure, there is indeed great potential out there so take Anthony’s advice in going for it despite of competition.Don’t touch any buttons and make sure you listen until the end of the show for a taste of Anthony’s other interesting talent. Enjoy!

Show Mentions

App: Reup: (iTunes)

App: AppCooker: (iTunes

Fav app: Pulse: (Google Play)

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