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Today’s guest is the Director of Growth at You will discover how simplifying their on-boarding flow doubled conversions, a hack to get in-person user feedback and why adding a Facebook login didn’t lead to the growth they were expecting.

Barron Caster is the Director of Growth at Rev.

Show Notes

What You Need to Know About Rev’s Call Recorder App

Rev is a free app for iPhone that records calls. This was developed to help those who want to take notes or remember important calls. Once the call is recorded, Rev can transcribe it for you.

Most of the recording app in the market will charge you for this but Rev makes its Call Recorder app entirely free. However, the transcription needs to be paid. Their standard rate for subscription is one dollar per minute.

How the Call Recorder App Works

According to Baron, Apple has a close-minded ecosystem when it comes to this so to make this work, you have to place a call through the app and the app calls out the person you are trying to reach and place another call to their recording line that is specifically for the user. After that, the call will be merged. Once the calls are merged, everything will be recorded.

How Simplifying the Onboarding Process Helps Your Conversion

Baron believes that the onboarding process should be clear and concise. He recommends a simple and straightforward user interface. In fact, they reduced their number of screenshots from eight to four. Also, if you feel like asking information from the user, he suggests that you ask that later on when they have actually seen and experienced the value of your app.

Baron believes that there’s a reason why users download your app. So, the faster you can get them to that, the better. He also suggests that you proactively answer the users’ questions about your app as this will help them enjoy a more seamless experience which will eventually contribute to your conversion rate.

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