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Aleksej Gubarev


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About the Episode

Today’s guest runs or invests in 14 companies with hundreds of employees and he shares his advice on the biggest lesson of growing a company and evolving a product to the next level. Also, listen to the things his CFO put into place that turned his company from being starved for cash to tripling revenues.

Aleksej Gubarev is the CEO of

Show Notes

Evolving a Product

Think about the market and think about what they can’t do or aren’t doing yet, and then try to do it. Intriguing idea isn’t it? Listen to the full podcast to find out how thinking out of the box can help you evolve a product and bring it to the next level and be the first one in the market to do it.

The Biggest Lesson in Growing a Company

Aleksej Gubarev is the CEO of, a global dedicated server hosting and cloud storage solutions company. He also runs/invests in 14 companies with hundreds of employees. He believes that in order for you to be able to grow your company, you have to start with reliable and people who want you to succeed as well. Learn more by listening to the podcast!

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  • limboonchuan says:

    It is a great interview, but from what I understand, the size of the smallest of the current 5 datacenters has – Singapore is already far in excess of $10M. They got the figures
    wrongly and far too low, it is definitely FAR in excess of $10M.

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