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Here’s a simple strategy to soft launch iOS games and get valuable user feedback on a shoe string budget.

Sample TouchArcade Post:


Big companies can soft launch for a year or six months which really takes time.

This video talks about the best way to soft launch!

Whatever type of launch you are building, may it be:

  • Productivity App
  • Casual game

It is important to do the following:

Video Release, get some of your friends to look at the application or play with it. And the most important thing is, get strangers or those who don’t have a connection with you to go through the app, who will really tell you the truth!

You can hire a marketing agency like us, who can look through your app who would provide feedback or suggestions.

Included in this video are personal experiences that will surely provide you the importance of soft launch and how it will bring you to success.

Also, there are three things you should focus on before you can get your users!

  1. App icon
  2.  Onboarding
  3.  Retain your users

Get to know too: Touch Arcade used for game’s soft launch and get a chance to take a $25 reward!

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