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Jef Nielsen


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About the Episode

Today’s guest has over 375 apps with 10M+ downloads and he shares how not overspending allowed him to find success in the app business. Also, listen to his tip about hiring employees that has allowed him to run his multiple businesses without his full involvement.

Jef Nielsen is the Founder at Space Puppy Games.

Show Notes

How to be Successful in the App Business Without Overspending

Jef Nielsen is the founder at Space Puppy Games. He started developing apps from a $500 refurbished mac he bought online when he had to recuperate from a hand injury caused by playing the guitar too much. True story!

Find out how he managed to create over 375 apps with 10M+ downloads and how he did so without overspending, it’s possible, listen to the podcast!

How to Hire the Best People

Being involved in several businesses at a time can burn anyone out, but Jef figured out how he can run multiple businesses without his full involvement by hiring the best people. So how do you find the right people? Listen to the podcast and listen to Jef’s insight about how you too can hire the best people who can help you grow your business.

Show Mentions

Worm Drop

Blue Fret Music

– Fav app: Worm Drop ( iTunes | Google Play )

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