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Stanfy – Andrew Garkavyi

Stanfy – Andrew Garkavyi


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About the Episode

How do you turn your grand app vision into an actual working product? Well today’s guest walks us through step-by-step the process he uses with his clients which include Intel, Merriam-Webster and more. Also, listen to the one strategy that he’s used to land more clients for his company.

Andrew Garkavyi is the CEO at Stanfy.

Show Notes

Turning Your App Idea to Reality

You would often hear people stating that they have a great idea but the challenge would be how to make that idea real and how to turn it into a physical product. Stanfy helps people realize what idea means, how it should look like and then implement it through these steps:

  • Start with identifying your goals, your actual users, and defining how they will use it. This will be the discovery phase.
  • Come up with a working prototype by wire-framing the apps and casing out the screens. These can start in black and white or in pencil. Give this to potential users and sense what their reactions are.
  • Convert your prototype to the design you have envisioned it to be by incorporating the full features and iterating from the feedback you have received from your initial testers.
  • Work on development of the app.

Two Approaches in Getting Clients

Their two general strategies or approaches are (a) reaching out to gain customers and get them on board and(b) building visibility and reputation so that the customers themselves will reach out to you. They find the latter to be more effective and they had worked on building the visibility of their brand where people can see what they are doing, and in turn, will come to them.Some of the ways they do this is attending conferences and organizing contests.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile add?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different things. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just think wisely and just make sure you correct it.

Show Mentions

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