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Every new venture demands determination, flexibility, and hard work. Whether you are a newbie or someone with years of experience, there is a set of prerequisites you must stick by. 

Fortunately, technology has made things easier for us. You can beat all odds and outshine your competitors by playing the right tech game. Over one-third of the global population has access to the internet. Given the stats, mobile app development would be a good idea for a startup to progress in the industry. 

But with thousands of apps launched on Google and iOS platforms each day, how can you make sure that your app reaches to the top of the grid? It’s all about being innovative and bringing value to users and this involves studying the stores and figuring out the apps that has the most potential.

Let’s scan through eight best app ideas to help your new business: 

1.Shopping App


Mobile apps are replacing manual shopping with every passing day. Retailers and suppliers are using apps to reach out to their customers and major names like eBay and Amazon stand in front of the league. They offer different deals and methods to the customers, enabling them to get things instantly without leaving the comfort of their home.

Shopping apps can turn out to be a great app category and when creating one, add new features like discounts on bulk purchases and free deliveries as such measures greatly help with customer retention. Before launching your app, here is a blog bearing some important dates that you must know as well to ensure a successful app launch.   

2.Social Media App


Nowadays, there is a need for different modes of communication, and one of the most effective ones is social media. 

There is lots of competition in this category but if done correctly, a social connect mobile app will provide an excellent medium for engaging customers. Reaching out to professionals like App Verticals can help you to design an app that caters to your business needs to give you an edge and stand out in this category.

3.Invoicing App

Tracking finances can be a daunting job, especially if a business venture is still in the initial stages. An invoicing app can be an expense management app for small and growing businesses so there is potential in this niche if you offer one which can be of value to small to medium businesses but in a competitive cost. 

You can come up with an app which integrates all financial accounts on one platform, can calculate the taxes that a user needs to pay, and can generate invoices for all business transactions, easing up the hassles for entrepreneurs.

You can also add in features which can track expenditure, revenue, and monthly expenses with a visual chart.

4.Food Delivery app


In the fast-paced world where we live today, getting to a restaurant or cooking a meal for yourself can be challenging, so much so that people prefer skipping meals instead. Creating a food delivery app as a startup will be greatly monetizing.

To stand apart from other such apps, you can add features like allowing customers to pick their favorite ingredients or help them choose cheap food options in their vicinity.

5.Cab Hiring App


You can also create an app that helps people find a commute. We are all familiar with names like Uber and Taxify that work as cab hiring companies. These have made commute extremely feasible. Features like online payment of the commute and pre-fixing of the destination have made things simple for the users.

Analyze if such entities are working in your location and come up with the idea that offers something new. You can add features like customized security options or valuable discounts. It is a lucrative, virtual venture that will enable you to earn maximum profits.

6.Health Inspection App

Everyone has to make certain visits to a medical facility either for a regular health check-up or in case of a disease.  Of course, it cannot replace the physical check-up but works quite well when a person is going through nominal health issues.

You can create a health inspection app which will enable users to fix an appointment for themselves, and allow them to communicate with medical experts and discuss their medical conditions. Also, add in features which will notify users of their upcoming appointments, and recommend them to make visits to the facility when needed.

7.Travel App


You can kickstart your new venture with a travel app. You can create an app  to help users with their itinerary, figure out ways to reach popular places, make bookings in hotels, etc.

You can then track how people are using it so the data gathered will help you to improve important conversion elements. This will also allow you to note how your site performs so you can make changes in the structure if need be.

8.Scanning App


Do you have experience in print business? If yes, we suggest you go for a scanning app.

Managing documents and notes is not easy and people always fear losing them. A scanning app will help them convert documents into PDF where users can save these files in their phone/computer and create as many backups as they want.

Rather than filing all the letters and documents, this app will enable people to convert them into digital format and organize them in their devices.

Closing thought          

 Phones are opening up avenues for entrepreneurs that no one has explored in the past. With the right gear and exceptional strategy, you can break through the boundaries and expand your business exponentially. 




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