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Coming up — are you just focused on the Western markets? In this video, we’re gonna talk all about international expansion including some of the simple things that you can do to get started.

How to Prioritize Expanding Into the International Markets

The context of a Western developer in North America is initially to focus on home markets as well as generally, Western Europe and larger tier 1 English-speaking markets like Australia & New Zealand. If the competitor app reached a high spot in the top charts in a country, then there’s probably potential for your app in that market. It’s either because it organically reached its place there or the company is pushing a lot of marketing spend behind the app, which usually means higher ROI.

Basic Things Developers Can Do to Get Started on International Expansion

A number of developers tend to not do anything because they think that the process will be extremely expensive and time-consuming. In contrast, you can start with simple things like in-app localization.

Do in-app localization the high-quality way. There are cheap translators but they are just translating from a spreadsheet. Instead of getting that service, get a user of your app that understands the language. Review the translation or have an expert do it for you.

Also, localize the App Store assets like the texts and descriptions. If you don’t do this, a lot of users from specific countries like Asia won’t download your app because they assume your app is not localized.

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