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551: Facebook Targeting Hacks with Manol Georgiev

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Coming up is the presentation from our App Masters Connect Vegas about Facebook targeting hacks with my friend Manol. This presentation is heavy on visuals so I recommend checking out the video, however, if you’re busy you’ll get a ton out of it with just the audio. You will discover how to use precise targeting to lower your CPI on Facebook ads and how to find highly targeted interests using the Audience Insights tool.

Manol  Georgiev is the User Acquisition Specialist for Facebook and Instagram.

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521: Facebook’s VR Designer on Future of Virtual Reality with Gabriel Valdivia

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Today’s guest is a virtual reality designer at Facebook and he shares the lessons he learned from a year long project that didn’t come to fruition. Plus, he shares his advice on the future of VR, how to sell a project at a big company and new design tools.

Gabriel Valdivia is VR Designer at Facebook.

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