490: Catching Up with MyAppVenture’s Scotty Ruth

490: Catching Up with MyAppVenture’s Scotty Ruth

I catch up with Scotty Ruth who started an app podcast the same exact day that I started mine. He shares the struggles of entrepreneurship, going back to corporate life and how he’s developed his self-awareness. If you are on the fence about going out on your own then this is the episode for you.

Scotty Ruth is the Product Designer at Ministry Sync.


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How to Endure When Things Aren’t Going As Fast As You Want with Scotty Ruth

Do you feel like things are moving as fast as you’d like? Well today’s guest took 2 years to build his latest app and he shares how he endured the tough times and key lessons learned along the way. Also, listen to the story of his mistake when building too niche of an app.

Scotty Ruth is the creator of Quotely.