Getting Starting with Twitter App Install Ads with Shiraz Siddiqui

Are you looking to get started with Twitter App Install Ads? Well today’s guest is from Twitter and he breaks down everything you need to know to start running and optimizing your ads. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the targeting features that you should use when you’re just getting started.

Shiraz Siddiqui is a Team Lead of Inside Sales SMB at Twitter.

Shiraz Siddiqui


Getting Started with Twitter’s Mobile Development Platform Fabric

Are you trying to single handedly build frameworks and functionalities? Well today’s guest walks us through Twitter’s mobile development platform, Fabric and how you can save loads of time integrating its SDK. Also, if you are creating something that caters to app developers listen to her advice on how to present coding demos.

Bear Douglas is a Developer Advocate at Twitter & Fabric.