How to Hit the Top Charts by Reskinning Apps with Yohann Taieb

How do you hit the top charts with a reskin? Well today’s guest gives us some tips that we can use to keep up with the trends and find a popular theme. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares some advice on how to quickly and affordably reskin an app.

App Showdown 2 with Jonathan Lancar and Yohann Taieb

We have another app showdown. But this time we have two brothers so you know there are going to be some words. Like the first app showdown leave a comment with your favorite app idea. We will give away a reskinning course built by Yohann that retails at $147 for absolutely free to 10 random comments.

Plus, Gabriel Marcherut, the ASO Professional is also giving away his course to the same random 10 commenters.