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Tiny Factory - Michael Sacca

Tiny Factory – Michael Sacca


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About the Episode

Do you have in-app purchases within your app? Well, listen to how today’s guest tripled his revenues by adding one simple in-app purchase. Also, listen to the one thing that you should be doing when building your next product.

Michael Sacca is the founder of Tiny Factory.

Show Notes

Our guest for today is the co-founder of Tiny Factory,the company which developed the app, Bilingual Child, among others. I am happy to have Michael Sacca in our podcast today and I hope you would join us in this interactive conversation with great insights on marketing your apps and more.

For starters, Michael tells us how their company started off with a six-week project, Bilingual Child, which made them stay in the educational space for good after it got the needed attention.  With his co-founder, Alex, they incorporated books inside the app which buyers can buy individually but what took their success up to another level was adding one button which turned things around – the ‘buy all’ button. Using for analytics on the buying trends of their customers, the team had created this option for users to be able to buy all books in the app for about half the price off of each book if they would buy them individually. This move made wonders for the team and had greatly heightened their revenues.

In addition to this, Michael also shares to following stories with me:

  • Their company’s virtue of proudly staying small (hence the name, perhaps?) and about ‘Freedom Friday’, where they allocated a day to focus only on their products to ensure balance between their consulting works and not losing sight on their own projects at the same time.
  • How he approaches the design process such as skipping the usual pencil-and-paper phase and preferring Photoshop and going digital straight up.  He treats designing a as sculpture: starting out with something he does not want to show anyone and then molding it to something that he can be proud of.
  • Their latest product they are focusing on, Brandisty, which was conceptualized after identifying a need from their consulting jobs. This software auto converts resizes and delivers brand assets saving companies time and manpower. 

We also discuss their podcast and the book they are working on as well, “How to Build a Rocketship”, and email strategies he used in building networks and other marketing tips so make sure to listen in for the interesting exchange of stories!

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Slack: (iTunes | Google Play) and Intercom: (iTunes)

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