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Upcoming up — we have a doozy for you!

Today’s guest is Christy Laurence who made $10,000 in sales in the first week of her app launch and you have to listen to the pre-launch marketing that she was doing. You will also discover how she brands her app to get more downloads, the clever way she used Instagram influencers and how she leverages Facebook groups.

Christy Laurence is the Founder at Plann.

Show Notes

Leveraging Instagram Influencers and Facebook groups

Christy believed that if you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one. So she made different customer personas by creating a profile of her ideal person to understand their pain points, their emotional triggers, their irrational thoughts, and what drives them. Once she had these, she was able to identify who they looked up to and who influenced them, and she was able to talk to them directly.  

She identified a hundred influencers in her niche and made friends with them. She turned out post notifications so that everytime they would post in Instagram, so would be there to engage with them. She made sure her comments were sincere and of value and soon enough, their audience was engaging with her too and she was friends with them.

This friendship turned into a closed Facebook group and they became her first beta testers. They gave her feedback while she was developing the app and they helped in the launch by posting for free! This got her to $10,000 in sales in the first week of her app launch.

Brilliantly Branding Apps to Downloads

Christy’s first 500k downloads were all from word of mouth and she did this by adding a simple logo in the app. Inside Plann, they have placed their logo in the direct top of the workspace where you can drag and drop your images. Christy understands that people get social media anxiety and that they would screenshot their work-in-progress and share it to friends (she did not expect though that they would do this in Facebook groups with thousands of people in it) to get their opinion. This would stir interest and since people see their logo, would know what app to check out. This served as free, extra marketing for her.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Boggle: (iTunes | Google Play)

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