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 James Lund

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About the Episode

I’ve got a guest recommended to me by a listener, Adam Derrick, who is a well liked and awesome TV personality in Australia, Jules Lund. He shares why influencer marketing is more effective with citizen influencers also known as micro influencers and why all the magic for growth happens when you are most afraid. Also listen to the story of how he got started in TV and how it can apply to anything you do in life.

Jules Lund is the founder of TRIBE Group.

Show Notes

How his TV and Radio experience helped him

Before Jules Lund decided to dive into influencer marketing, he spent 15 years as a TV and Radio personality in Australia. He was a host for an Australian Travel and Lifestyle Show called “Getaway”, which allowed him to travel all over the world, doing all sorts of fun stuff like running with the bulls in Spain and skydiving in Las Vegas. He also hosted the red carpet for the Australian TV Week Logie Awards for 10 years. He then moved on to radio and spent 5 years on Australia’s National Radio Network. While working on the radio, as numerous brands came to him to advertise on his radio show and personal social media, he came up with an idea which later on led him to create his app, Tribe.

Why Using Citizen Influencers For Marketing Is More Effective

Jules Lund explains how Citizen Influencers are effective marketers because they are able to reach a specific group of consumers, actual people who will actually support or buy a product or service. He explains how authenticity plays a major role in influencer marketing and how it is beneficial to the brands they represent.

How Growth Can Happen When You Take A Leap of Faith

Aside from his app, James Lund also talks about how he got started in television, back when CDs were non existent and VHS demo tapes were hip, he also talks about his transition to radio and how he came up with the idea to create an app that will bring influencers and brands together like never before. He then talks about how finding comfort in the uncomfortable can be the key to finding growth and succeeding in your career as well as life.

Show Mentions

Fav app: Slack  (iTunes | Google Play)

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