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Allison Kugel


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Today’s guest is a former model and journalist and she shares amazing tips on how to get media coverage including secrets that most PR people may not tell you. Also she shares how to not disappoint clients, using the triangle of information when pitching journalists and how spirituality allows her to balance her many businesses.

Allison Kugel is the Co-Founder of Upitch.

Show Notes

Allison Kugel and Upitch

Upitch is an app that allows journalists to sift through pitches and only connect with the source if they like the pitch. This frees up space in their Inbox and allows PR people and anyone else who wants to, to pitch to a journalist.

So why this app? Well because they thought about a self-service PR platform that can help both the journalist and the PR person.

How Allison Kugel Deals with Disappointed Clients

The reality is that you can’t please everybody, and there will be clients who will be disappointed, believe it or not, even Allison Kugel, has had to deal with disappointed clients. So how does she handle disappointed clients? One way to find out, listen to the full podcast!

Allison Kugel’s Tips on How To Get Media Coverage

Understand that the media will only cover a story if they feel that they like what you’re pitching them, even if you’ve worked with them for more than 500 times in the past, there’s no guarantee that they will give you the coverage you need, so just try, the worst thing that can happen is they say ‘No’, but at least you tried.

Want to know secrets that most PR people won’t tell you? Then listen to the full podcast!

Show Mentions

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