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Are you looking to use data to help you make better marketing decisions? Well, today’s guest shares how to set up user flags to drive more conversions, why too many KPIs will drive you bonkers and how many users you need to make sense of the data.

Lior Barak is the Marketing Automation Expert at Tale About Data.

Show Notes

How to Set Up User Flags to Drive More Conversions

Lior uses flags to understand each of the sessions created on the app to see its current and its future value. By flagging a session and segmenting it, one will be able to see better acquisition value and the ROI at the end of the day.

When it comes to setting up this flagging system, you can start with Google analytics tracking because it will explain to you what happened during each of your devices session. From there, you can take the raw data and aggregate it into meaningful data for you.

You have to determine the main flex of your flag as each business is quite unique. So, if you have a game app there might be certain areas that you want the users to engage much more. If you have an e-commerce app then probably you want to see people adding more products to their basket. If you’re going to the lower level, you can actually see which products are profitable.


When it comes to the number of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the flagging system, you do not have to use too many. In fact, Lior advised that you start with very few KPIs.

Before, he also used to believe that they needed a lot of KPIs — 15!. However, when they reduced it, he noticed that things become way better. Focusing your efforts on one or three KPI results in better conversions because there are lesser disturbance, making decisions who to target for conversion is easier.

How Many Users Do You Need To Make Sense Of The Data

When it comes to gathering data for statistical relevance, Lior didn’t give an exact number, but he said that you can start with a very low volume. However, he recommended that you need to have organic data, too.

Compare the organic downloads and the paid ones. Based on it, they can create plugins that will help you understand better what’s going on in your app.

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