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Withcircle - Michael Sacca

Withcircle – Michael Sacca


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About the Episode

Are you wondering what steps need to be taken to ensure you have a successful product launch? Well today’s guest has interviewed over 100 successful entrepreneurs including Hiten Shah, Ryan Carson, Jason Cohen and he talks about the exact tactics that each one took in successfully launching their products. Also, if you are freelancing or running an agency then you’ll want to listen to the part of the show where he talks about how to build an agency that funds your passion.

Michael Sacca is the host of the and founder of WithCircle.

Show Notes

Great Tactics for Successful Product Launches

Michael was also one of the people who had experienced unsuccessful launches so he went out and to find out what other people are doing differently to replicate the same outcome. The biggest take away he learned was that there is no single way or one formula for a successful launch. For each individual, what they were passionate about was what made them successful. But one same theme that these people had was that they started early. Everyone started selling before they had a product. To test their marketing message, they also used Facebook and Google advertising and were very methodical in how they position their ads to learn which pictures or messages work best so they can use those further down the road.Do your marketing before the product so you would know if people will be emotionally attached to it.

Another road to explore is looking beyond your content marketing and developing it in more creative ways such as doing podcasts or speaking engagements so you can interact with people and you can gauge how they would react to your product. Build another platform to get your word out there.

Marketing is art too so find out what you’re passionate about. Do things beyond the marketing way.It’s not always about the numbers but the quality of connections you make. Build relationships and be sincere and genuine about it.

Fueling Your Passion through Agencies

Michael went into consulting as he finds this as a source to finance his other products. It allowed him the flexibility to build what he wanted without taking too much of his time while still continuing to pay his bills. One of the toughest things which could happen tough is accepting too many projects and ending up not building the product that you really came to build. 

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Start early, start marketing, and learn what people are hiring you for. Solve a real problem.

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