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Want to know simple strategies that you can use to grow your downloads? Well today’s guest talks about what he did to 10X his downloads by localizing his app. Also, you will discover what strategies did not work for him and his paid apps and how having an app video increased his sales.

Reza Abdolahi is the Founder, iOS Developer and Project Manager at Eccentric Team.

Show Notes

Growing 10X Downloads by Localization

Reza came up with a minimalistic notepad app with cat animations and before he started developing it, he researched on what countries are most interested in cats. Russia, Japan and the US emerged as the top countries and he targeted these, but on the onset, he released the app in English version.

The downloads did not meet his expectations so he worked on localizing it in Japanese. He localized the descriptions, the screenshots, the keywords and other areas. He used Google Translate — we would translate to Japanese, then back to English — but he also worked with a couple of Japanese friends to ensure accuracy. Sure enough, the downloads jumped and kept growing months after that.

What Flunked and What Suceeded

Reza spent up to $500 on social media influencers and marketing ads and none of them worked — this goes for both Instagram and Facebook. But for most of his apps, working on the visual aspects of the apps did the trick. He focused on screenshots and having video previews proved to be very useful.

Show Mention

– Fav app: Lensa

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