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Are you about to launch your app and have no idea where to start with app marketing?

Are you confused about what marketing tactics you should be focused on during your stage of app development?

Having launched hundreds of apps myself and through my agency, I often get asked the general question “I’m about to launch my app, what should I do now?”

So, I put together 24 action packed app marketing tips to help you along your pre-launch, launch and post-launch activities.

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Pre-Launch Marketing Tips

  1. It’s never too early to start your marketing. [Click to tweet]
  2. Pick your channel for downloads and focus on that one channel until you exhaust it. [Click to tweet]
  3. Post your app on Reddit, PreApps, TouchArcade to get early exposure & beta testers. [Click to tweet]
  4. If you do soft launch, don’t release in the U.S. Launch in Canada, Australia, UK, etc. [Click to tweet]
  5. Building a press list is manual, but it’s worth it. Make sure you target the right reporters. [Click to tweet]
  6. The quality of your video will be used to judge the quality of your app. Make it good. [Click to tweet]
  7. Have a great looking video. Many reporters embed the video in their coverage of your game. [Click to tweet]
  8. Having a press kit allows the reporter to have everything he or she needs to create the article easily. [Click to tweet]

PR Tips for Launch

  1. Avoid launching on Monday, Friday or the weekend. [Click to tweet]
  2. Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to reach out to reporters. [Click to tweet]
  3. One follow up email should be enough. Don’t get on the SPAM list. [Click to tweet]
  4. Keep your initial email to reporters short and ask a question that warrants an easy yes. [Click to tweet]
  5. Use these 3 words to increase your PR email’s open rate: reporter’s name, exclusive & early scoop. [Click to tweet]
  6. Test your subject lines on smaller publications to see which one gets more opens. [Click to tweet]
  7. Releasing your app on a Thursday means you compete with the big boys and you are far less likely to get covered. [Click to tweet]
  8. Reporters are bombarded with pitches every day, so really spend the time to craft a compelling pitch. [Click to tweet]

Post-Launch Activities

  1. Send a thank you email or card if you do get covered by a reporter. [Click to tweet]
  2. Focus on niche sites the week after launch to amplify your press coverage. [Click to tweet]
  3. Look at your App Store reviews to get user feedback. [Click to tweet]
  4. Analyze your ASO efforts and update your keywords accordingly. [Click to tweet]
  5. Write about your app launch lessons on [Click to tweet]
  6. Analyze countries where you have success and run Facebook Ads in those countries. [Click to tweet]
  7. Find influencers through and pitch them the app. [Click to tweet]
  8. Outreach to popular YouTubers to have them create a gameplay video. [Click to tweet]


There’s a lot of marketing strategies that can really propel your app to the top charts. Remember to focus on one or two in the beginning to see which one is working the best. Then double down on it.

If you want in-depth app marketing strategies I recommend you check out my Double Your Downloads eBook.


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