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Mobile App Chat - Steve P, Young

Mobile App Chat – Steve P, Young


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About the Episode

Coming up is a solo episode where I share my wins and losses for August 2014 along with 3 random impactful thoughts about business.

Show Notes

Choices are not usually either ors

You don’t have to decide whether to do just this one thing or just that other thing. Don’t think that if you do this, then you can’t do the other. If you are torn between building a custom app and reskinning, don’t be. If you are an appreneur, don’t think you can’t do freelance because you can if you manage your time properly and delegate what you can. You don’t have to pick …you can do both!

Learning to outsource – think like an agency and not a freelancer

I used to think like a freelancer who I can do it all by myself. Looking back, I should’ve thought like an agency and leverage on the things that worked well. My consulting business, for example, was delivering revenue and I should have outsourced other tasks so I could focus and grow this side of my business. Know your strengths and focus on the things you are really good at, and then outsource those which are not within your forte.

Knock on doors that open multiple doors

A boy who mows lawns can go around the neighbor knocking on each door and he will get one client per transaction.  But if he manages to land a deal with a realtor who has connections within the area, he can net in multiple clients at a time. Instead of exerting effort in talking to one single client after another, find a client who can reel in more. Chase after people who can get you multiple deals so you don’t have to always tire yourself in running after more.

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