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How to Drive Traffic Using Ad Networks?

To drive traffic using ad networks, Eric recommends two things. First, one needs to have a perspective of the entire user experience from the moment they see the first ad to the time they downloaded the app and spending money on it. You can’t silo the user acquisition function from the actual product development function. The two things have to be united. So, you should consider what kind of users you are getting and if there’s an issue with the traffic and the relevance for the users of the app. You should also check if you are getting the right people and assess the potential size of the market. You should determine if you are offering the right product, chasing a big market and if you can really make money from what you do.

Second, he suggested that developers have to focus. There are a lot of conferences and they may or may not teach the same thing making it hard for you to decide what particular theory to practice. He recommended that you focus on the highest potential sources of traffic and make things work from there.

Why Run Facebook Ads

Eric believes that Facebook Ads is fundamental to businesses. He recommends CEO to run this even before they hire their first marketing team.  By doing so, one can grasp the mobile app ecosystem and understand the model of their business. It is also a good platform to see how growth works.

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