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You’re going to discover the 4 step process to scaling a growth channel. What’s you find a growth channel that really works, how do you scale it without having diminishing returns.

Shoji Ueki is the Senior Director of Growth Marketing at SeatGeek.

Shoji understands that many love to grow and scale every channel faster. To make this happens, he breaks down his strategy into four levers, which are as follows:

Full coverage: Make sure that you have a full coverage of what interest your potential clients. Maximize the kind of keyword opportunities, so when they search for you on Google, they can find you.  According to Shoji, something might have zero interest and gain an overwhelming interest overnight. He sighted Beyoncé’s new tour as an example. Nobody cared about it the day before the performer announced it, but the following day everybody wants it.

Optimize Funnel: This means that you have to optimize the creative and copy and do a lot of testing. Make sure that the experience is optimized because this can help you maximize the conversion rate. Also, make sure that the ad and product parts are in sync. Let the users experience in your ap what they see in your ad.

Max-like efficiency: For this, ensure that you are paying the right amount for every given user. This is very important so you will not end up overpaying in some cases and underpaying in other cases. This is a big thing on the paid search side as it changes on a day-to-day basis.

Competitive economics: It is important to have strong margins or life-time value (LTV) because this can be a real competitive advantage on your part.

Shoji recommends that you focus on these four components and over time this will hopefully lead to growth.

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