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The App Battle

The App Battle


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About the Episode

5 Ninja App Monetization Tips

Howdy there MobileApp Battle followers! We have come a long way from where we started and the finish line is almost in sight. I am about to film the video for my app and had already come up with the coolest name ever, while Gab has no updates at all. Ha! I can already see Gab eating my dust. Go, Team Steve!

But before Gab proceeds with his trip to hike the mountains to de-stress after all that he’s been through, tune in as we discuss options each of us can take in monetizing are newly-created apps. Here are some monetization tips for you to learn today — from the classic to the unconventional.

  1. In-App Advertising –Get an ad upon launch and then gradually increase the number as you go along. The more people will click on them, the more you gain monetarily.
  2. Pay per Download – Go ahead, charge. Ensure you put some thought and research on the pricing strategy before selling.
  3. Native Advertising – strategicallyplace links in your app to prompt your audience to visit the site.  You earn commission by the number of downloads they get through your app.  CPA, which stands for Cost per Action, applies in these types of monetization strategy.
  4. Direct Advertising –sell a banner of a company inside your app and usually works if you have a niche app.  Can take a lot of effort but can work if you have a decent sales force.
  5. Affiliations – partner with companies such as Amazon and eBay and sign them up as affiliate links. Consider an affiliate that people trust and get commissions on anything that people purchase.

Bonus tips —

  1. App Flipping – create an app and when you are ready, sell it to another party. Hand over the reins to people who can take your app farther after you have worked your magic on the app.
  2. Cross Promotion – promoting another app using an app base which is already making money to grab attention and gain followers.

It can be easy talking about these options in a podcast but let’s see what strategy Gab and I will choose to cross our apps from getting noticed, to being brought.  Don’t miss out on the fun and the learning, stay tuned for the next chapter of this app battle!

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