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So you release your app…

And the downloads STINK…

Now what?

I was there. I had cautious expectations when I released my app and I wasn’t seeing the type of downloads that I wanted.

So… I decided to use the knowledge that I gained from interviewing close to 200 successful app developers and do an ASO update on one of my better performing apps.

And the result?

300% increase in downloads for a paid app! Now! I want to share my exact process with you.

ASO Tools

What you’ll learn in this free course:

  • The 6 tools that I use to come up with different keyword ideas.
  • 3 simple ways to increase downloads and revenue for your apps.
  • Why you should throw away traffic scores and focus on niche keywords.
  • Why ASO should be the first step you take when trying to increase downloads.
  • No fluff! Actionable content that you can use right after the course!
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