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About the Episode

How do you build a completely gestured based app that is fun to use and intuitive at the same time? Well today’s guest breaks down his method for building apps that have minimal screens and intuitive designs. Also, listen to the story of how his company went into debt and how they overcame that setback.

Andrasz Huszti is the Business Development Executive at Seven Point Five Hertz.

Show Notes

Capturing people’s attention is one and getting them hooked into your product is another. What really are the ingredients of engaging apps? Are there patterns, formats and techniques which we can apply to our designs which can lead users to keep using our products?

Our guest for this episode is Andrasz Huszti, a Business Development Executive at 5pnt7, a behavior design studio based in Russia.  Their company helps develop, build and promote apps and they are big in interfaces and designs.

Here are the highlights of my discussion with Andrasz:

  • About the company, their download numbers and their most popular app,
  • The motivation and the processes behind their apps,
  • The courses they teach surrounding interactive and addictive design and a discussion one the Hook model, and
  • The story behind the design approach of one of their apps, Second Wind, and how they pitched it to clients.

Andrasz also opens up about the common mistakes in building an app, how they went into debt and how they pulled themselves out of it, for everyone to learn from their lessons.

Show Mentions

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– Fav app:

– Fav resource: Facebook: (iTunes | Google Play)

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