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Alex Designs - Alex Harris

Alex Designs – Alex Harris


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About the Episode

Are you looking for a way to increase leads, sales, or even app downloads from your website? Well today’s guest is a marketing optimization expert and he walks us through his 5-step process for improving conversions. Also, listen to the part of the show where he talks about the power of masterminds and why he decided to both join one and now start his own.

Alex Harris is the Creative Director of

Show Notes

Our guest for this episode is Alex Harris, Creative Director of Alex Designs, and he will guide us through the 123’s of conversion optimization. He will share to us today that discovering your correct customers, creating great products to solve their problems, and growing your wins over time can easily get your business where you want it to be.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Alex:

  • How losing his corporate job triggered the start of his own company, Alex Designs, which focuses on conversion optimization and is based in his forte: landing page design,
  • A walk through on the conversion optimization process and the five steps involved  in improving conversion rates:

o   Discovery –discovering your market and how far you should niche or narrow down.

o   Hypothesis – what experiments you want to try and ranking what is most beneficial.

o   Execute – taking your hypothesis and implementing the test.

o   Review – analyzing what wins and losses you have and taking the one that worked over to the next step.

o   Scale – growing the element that’s working well and leveraging on it to grow your site.

  • Making assumptions that people know what we are talking about and the typical mistakes that people make in their sites, and
  • Why he started his own podcast and how it changed him.

Show Mentions

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  • Justin Williams says:

    This really is an inspiring story, Alex. And thank you for sharing your thoughts about conversion. This topic has always been interesting for me

  • Charlie Poznek says:

    Love the thoughts on target market and niche-ing down in the “Discovery” section. It’s so hard to know how far is too far and this episode was really helpful with that!

  • Great episode, took a lot of notes. I really enjoyed Alex’s story too. I can relate to a lot of it for sure! I really appreciated Alex’s take on niching and keywords. Good advice the whole episode.

  • ClearlyInfluential says:

    Loving the 5 step process!! And, I love that it starts in the discovery. Thanks for the great episode!!

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