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We are going to dissect an app that is making over $2 million dollars a month. You are going to discover their monetization strategy and how they limit their features to get more app subscribers.

What is Celebrity Voice Changer App

This app is the first ever celebrity voice changer in the app space. It will instantly change your voice to your favorite celebrity’s, which entices many users to enjoy it every time they try it on. If you are interested, you can sign up for free for 3 days and pay for $99 for unlimited usage.

This app is doing well. In fact, this is making over $2 million per month. That is why we love to try this out because we want to see the strategy they use that makes it so successful in earning such a huge revenue.

What Makes Celebrity Voice Changer App Successful

When I used the Celebrity Voice Changer app for the first time, I immediately noticed a lot of clever strategies that they used to convince the users to subscribe. At first glance, you will see that it has a Start Free Trial and most apps that generate a lot of money with subscriptions usually have this as their first page. This is a good start to encourage others to try the app as it is for free.

It also includes a pop-up page that discourages you from missing its free trial.  From this alone, you can see how aggressive they are in getting you to try their app. When I tried the app, I was impressed by the list of available celebrities you can choose from.  After trying one celebrity, you have to wait for over a minute to use the app again. This is a good way to convince a user to pay if they really love the app or just wait.

Overall, Celebrity Voice Changer app is aggressive in monetization and in getting people to subscribe. They are limiting the features of the app for free trials, which is normal because when you’re trying to build a subscription-based app or a premium app, this is the best approach to force people to buy. So, they are doing a good job of limiting the core features.

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