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We’re going to analyze a simple app that is making over $100,000 a month. You’re going to discover how it’s monetizing, what does the pricing page look like and what kind of features it has.

How to Monetize a Simple App?

Peaceful Sounds is a simple app for peaceful and calming sounds. Despite its simplicity, it makes $100,000 a month because they know how to monetize their app well.

If you open the app, they’re gonna hit you with the pricing page right away. A lot of apps are being aggressive with their pricing pages and upsells. Also, their cancel button isn’t very visible because there’s no “X” on the page.

However, there’s a tiny text that reads: “Or continue with the limited version.” In this way, if you won’t notice the text, you will likely choose any of the pricing packages they offer.

If you click a locked category, it will show you the same landing page as above. They will hit you with the pricing page, to let you know that you can access that category if you choose a subscription.

Features of the App that’s Making Over $100,000 A Month

This app allows you to create peaceful and calming sound for sleep and it’s like a player itself. It also allows you to do a remix because it has a mix board where you can mix rain and other various sounds including birds and musical instruments all at once.

You can make each sound softer or louder. It has tons of categories too including a lullaby, sleep, romance and more.

Although they hit you with the pricing page when you click a locked button, they are not that aggressive when it comes to allowing you to enjoy their services because you can create a remix of sound for a minute without showing you the pricing page. Overall, it’s a little nice turntable for calming sounds.

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