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Open Source Marketer - Charles McKeever

Open Source Marketer – Charles McKeever


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About the Episode

Coming up is Season 2 of the App Battle Podcast where you will meet the poor soul who will be crushed by yours truly. Also, listen to how I came up with the theme for my next app based on a simple reskin. All that and so much more in the App Battle Season 2: Chic versus Geek.

Charles McKeever is the founder of Open Source Marketer.

Show Notes

Welcome to App Battle Season 2!

Our contender for this season is developer / marketer Charles McKeever from Open Source Marketer.  In the previous season, Gabe and I focused more on the marketing side of things so this time around, the battle will rageon from a developer’s perspective for you to learn with us in this journey on what to expect in this other phase of the mobile app business.

Do you think Charles can stand up to this challenge and who do you think will emerge as the champion?

In this episode, Charles and I lay down the terms and guidelines and discuss the following:

The rules:It was agreed that we mirror the $1,000 budget like in the previous season, that we are allowed to source and pull in assets and additional resources in development processbut we should be able to write codes ourselves, and that we should be launching our products by March 5th of this year.  Our gauge of proclaiming the winner will be the app with the most downloads and the product which monetized more successfully.

In Charles’ corner:Inspired from the game Minecraft, Charles is looking at creating an app that would guide users on how to use game and server commands.He is planning on putting it on Android and will start with a simple guide initially.

In Steve’s corner: From an existing app, I am envisioning a reskinned kickboxer pinball game as a result of analysis of keywords with high traffic keywords but with low competition.

Do you think these ideas will work? What do you think are the pain points that we should watch out for? Most importantly, which corner are you cheering on? Leave us a note to let us know what you think.

Let the 2nd round begin!

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