Tope Abayomi

Tope Abayomi

In this interview, you’ll find out how an app developer built a business that solved his own pain and the creative techniques he used to validate that others shared his pain.

Listen to the interview with Tope Abayomi (twitter), founder of App Design Vault.

About App Design Vault

MoneyTrack - App Design Vault

MoneyTrack – App Design Vault

App Design Vault allows you to get clean & modern iPhone app design templates

  • PSDs are sliced for you
  • Sample code is included with each design
  • No waiting! Designs are ready “out of the box”
  • Move from a prototype to the App Store faster

The Clever Way to Validate Your Idea

Before he started coding, Tope built a landing page that explained the benefits of App Design Vault with an email signup form. He cold emailed popular app developers and only got 4 to respond.

However, he still believed in the idea, but he didn’t start coding just yet. He thought of a clever way to validate the idea.

He decided to post a poll on the iPhone Dev SDK forum asking developers what is the most painful thing you have to do when developing apps when one of the options being “designing or getting good graphics”.

Over 60% of the respondents chose “designing or getting good graphics”. That gave me all the validation he needed.

How to Get Customers

Tope uses a blend of both content marketing and partnerships. With content marketing, he writes amazing blog posts and also guest blogs on other major sites.

He’s also partnered with Mobile Orchard, Appsumo, and others to bring in more customers.

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