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Downloads are part of the ASO keyword ranking algorithm so your downloads for x amount of days (Apple has not shared the exact number) impacts and plays a big part on your current keyword rankings.

  • If you do not have that many downloads, try uncoveringrelevant keywords with good traffic scores and low competition.
  • If you already have about a thousand downloads a day, you can go after aggressive, mid to high-competition, high-relevant keywords as you are already have the ranking and the downloads so with just a few tweaks, you can improve this.

This is only part of the algorithm though so you need to consider other variables such as retention and how well your keywords are optimized in your app name.

In the next segment of this video, I also show a case study of how well my favorite strategy, Paid-to-Free Campaign, worked on one of my clients. He had a free game and we made one of his in-app purchases free for a couple of days. We ensured we got press for it on AppAdvice and it drove over 70k downloads!On addition to that, we also saw improvement on our keyword ranking as we also optimized the app names to accelerate the growth during this campaign.


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  • Shreedhara Ananth says:

    I started developing games late by 2012 with Windows Phone. I loved the XNA programming , but when it was closed down, I was a bit dissappointed and started programming android games that never worked out for me.
    So I even shared the free sources of my games on my blog for any developers.
    Eventually my craze died with my switching of my job.

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