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Coming up, you will discover the ASO strategies that today’s guest used to grow his downloads from 5 downloads a day to now over 800 downloads a day. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the LinkedIn hack he used for an Apple feature and how implementing an in-app purchase bundle doubled his sales.

Altai Zeinalov is an ASO specialist and CEO at Diveo Media.

Show Notes

Growing from 5 to 800 Downloads a Day Through ASO

At first, Altai thought that writing random keywords will help but after finding articles and listening to podcasts such as App Masters’, he taught himself ASO. The next day after implementing ASO, he saw a boost in downloads, increasing to 50 a day on the onset and during steady-state, even got to 800 a day.

They only had two languages for the app so they did ASO for both English and Russian, but after learning about the Spanish-Mexico localization tip from Steve, they also applied that in.

Keyword research, utilizing different localizations including Spanish-Mexico for the US App Store, and constant ASO iteration applied with a good, quality app can do the trick for you too.

Landing an Apple feature

Altai shares that he got an app feature but used one another of Steve’s trick. All he did was look for Apple editors on LinkedIn and reached out to them by sending them an email. Lucky enough, the editor responded to Altai and gave him instructions on how to go about it sending in more details on the app, and soon enough, he got the coveted feature!

Show Mentions

ASO in Russian
– Fav app: Little Stories. Bedtime books: (iTunes)

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