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The App Guy - Paul Kemp

The App Guy – Paul Kemp


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About the Episode

Do you feel like you have to take more courses or heck even listen to more podcasts because you don’t know enough? Well today’s guest talks about the impostor syndrome and how taking small actions can help you overcome it. Also, if you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast, Paul breaks down how he lands guests and what it’s done for his business.

Paul Kemp host of the App Guy Podcast and founder of OneMob.

Show Notes

Whether you are building an app or an aspiring podcast host, this episode with Paul Kemp, Host of The App Guy podcast, will leave you with nuggets of learning that you can use in either endeavor.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Paul:

  • His inspiration in building his top performing app, Bite Alarm, and what got him started in his ‘solopreneurial’ app journey,
  • The realizations he had during a ski trip which triggered his radical decision of quitting his job and changing gears,
  • How podcasting had broadened his network by introducing him to strings of contacts and the other things that podcasting has done for him,
  • Tips in landing guests and the best ways to communicate to potential ones,
  • How he was able to pump out 80 apps and his advice to people who want to build just one big app project versus having many, and
  • Reliving his favorite podcast episode and his key take aways during that interview. 

Paul also gets emotional while opening up about the negative chatters that he had to conquer even to this day, so listen in to get to know Paul more.

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