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I have a friend who had increased downloads to over 200% after he localized his app and he is here to share how he did it while managing cost. When you localize, especially for multiple languages, there will be cost involved. Some have spent thousands of dollars but saw very minimal impact so Gonzalo will walk us through on how to do this efficiently and effectively.

Gonzalo talks about localizing your metadata and not the app itself as these are two require different steps. Here is the impact after he localized one of his apps which, at that time, had a price point of $2.99. Only the app name, keywords and description were localized.

  • Downloads and revenue increased by 200% after localizing.
  • App being downloaded within new regions which opened up new opportunities.
  • Steady downloads over time way after being approved.

Here are the steps in localizing your app:

  • Localize your keywords – people look up your app using these keywords in different stores so be discoverable. This is where you should focus your efforts on as they are easy to localize. If you are on a low budget, you can do this quickly through research and free tools.
  • Localize your app name –this has to make sense so think of getting a human translator. Do not include the name of your app in the icon because if you are Japanese, for example, the first thing that you will see is the icon and if it is in a different language, you might not get downloaded.
  • Localize screenshots.
  • Localize the description.
  • Localize in-app content.

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