Do you understand search engine optimization, but you’re completely new to app store optimization? Well I’m going to break down ASO into SEO terms so you can get a finally grasp on how to optimize your apps for search.

App Store Optimization Vs Search Engine Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) as its name suggests is used on the App Store. On the other hand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used on the web. I understand that some ASO experts are not as confident with their skills when it comes to ASO. Although ASO and SEO appear to be two different things, they actually share a number of similarities.

For instance, when placing keywords in the title or app name, you have to put the preferred keyword in the left side and your brand name on the right as Google tends to rank that higher. This applies to both ASO and SEO.

ASO In SEO Terms

ASO and SEO use different terms for somehow similar things. For instance, in SEO you have a title, in ASO that is called app name or title. In SEO, you use h1 tags as the second highest priority in terms of keywords. On the other hand, in ASO, this is equivalent to subtitle or short description.

In SEO, you have content where you expand your title and h1 tags. It’s where you place your keywords repetitively or use long phrases to optimize it. In ASO, your number of characters are more limited, so I tend to expand the keyword instead of repeating it. For instance, if I’m targeting “meditation” in ASO and have used it in the title and subtitle, I will use the word “relaxation” in the long description which is relevant to the content side of the web.

In general, SEO has an equivalent part in ASO. However, they are not necessarily called in the same name.

Steve Young

Founder at AppMasters
I started building apps in 2011 and my first app hit #8 under educational games. I started making a few hundred dollars a month, but had no idea what I was doing. Then in 2013 I decided to start a podcast so I could pick the brains of app creators that I admired including the co-founder of Shazam, Tapbots, Crossy Road, etc and that changed everything.

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