App Store Optimization Commandments

Are you trying to increase your app’s exposure using app store optimization?

Do you want to know tried and true principles of ASO that you should follow?

In this Slideshare presentation, you will discover the fundamentals of app store optimization.

Whether you are completely new to ASO or you are an experienced app marketer then use these as your app store SEO.

1. Thou shall target relevant and low competition keywords rather than high volume, highly competitive keywords.
2. Thou shall have search friendly keywords in the app name.
3. Thou shall not forget that in-app purchases and app store reviews are indexed for ASO.
4. Thou shall optimize icons and screenshots for downloads.
5. Honor the user not just keywords.
6. Thou shall optimze app store listing.
7. Thou shall not seek immediate downloads.
8. Thou shall have a video trailer.
9. Thou shall optimize the first two lines of the app description.
10. Thou shall create viral loops.