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App Store Optimization - Stefan Bielau

App Store Optimization – Stefan Bielau


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About the Episode

Are you looking for clever, little known tricks that you can use to better optimize your app in the Google Play and Apple App Store? Well I have Stefan Bielau who is a leading expert in app marketing to teach us some things we maybe missing when it comes to ASO. Also listen to the two things that ASO will not help with your apps.

Stefan Bielau is one of the world’s leading experts on App Store Optimization (ASO) and mobile app marketing.

Show Notes

Monetizing apps can be a major challenge for most entrepreneurs.  A lot of times, you have a great app in your hands but you just could not figure out how to get it out there. Our guest of today is Stefan Bielau, one of the world’s leading experts in app store optimization and mobile app marketing. His consulting practice helps lead app mobile brands to improve app distribution and monetization.

Join us in an intelligent conversation on strategies and methods in app marketing which can help you carve your way up to success. In this episode, Stefan shares to us the following:

  • His business background – from the founding of his own business in 2007 until landing in the mobile marketing business as a consultantwith expertise in areas such as user acquisition and mobile analytics,
  • Does your app solve a problem? Is it attractive enough to retain your market? Stefan gives a snapshot in figuring out if your app is hot or not.
  • The rules on how to use clickable linksin Google Play texts such as adding a website, a Facebook fan page, a dedicated Twitter account or setting up an email program keep folks coming backto cross promote your app portfolio,
  • Coming up with appealing logos, signs and icons so people are attempted to check your apps upon discovery,
  • The use of test environments and the usage of data for more objective analysis,
  • Having high quality back links to your Google Play page and the importance of anchor texts to get the appeal you need to rank better.

Stefan also gives us advice on how local market successes can ripple through and get you to larger ones, so don’t miss this episode out.

Show Mentions


– Fav app: League of Legends: (Google Play)

– Fav app: Evernote: (iTunes | Google Play)

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