Today, I wanna share a free ASO tool with you that you can use to do App Store Optimization when you got no money to spend. In this video, you will learn how to do keyword research, find the traffic scores and find the keywords that have low difficulty without paying for a tool. Stay tuned!

How to Use AppFollow

I’ve been referencing AppFollow in my previous videos and here’s how to use it free:

Go to Keywords in ASO and then click Traffic Score tab. In here, put in one of your competitors (one that really ranks well) or your own app, with some of the keywords that you really want to go after.

The traffic score will show you all the keywords that the Apple search ads are suggesting for that particular keyword. Low competition keywords tend to be around a traffic score of 20 to 50. Anything above that tends to be highly competitive and will be harder for you to rank. It’s better to focus on low competition keywords.

Click on the keywords. You don’t have the scores for each keyword, you will only see the traffic score, an arbitrary score assigned by Apple, which is a good indication of how many downloads you’re likely going to get. The higher the traffic, the better it is.

Choose one keyword and click it. If the number of apps that show up for a particular keyword is very low, the high likely that it’s a low competition keyword.

If you find a high competition keyword and you’re not sure if you can do something to rank well for it, you can look at some of the apps that rank really well for that keyword. Pay attention to its number of reviews. If an app has only a few reviews and still rank on that keyword, then the competition isn’t probably as high as you think.

If the apps in the top 10 of that particular keyword have hundreds of reviews then it’s likely middle competition. If it’s under a hundred or 50, then it’s probably very low competition.

To summarize, focus on the keywords that have a traffic score of around 20 – 50. Then click through each keyword to see the apps that are ranking for that particular keyword. You can tell if it’s a low competition based on the number of apps that show up. If it’s under 10 then it’s definitely low competition and that’s the keywords that you can likely go after for your app title, subtitle and keyword fields and rank well for it. If there’s a few app showing up, you can give the keyword more prominence by putting it on your app title or subtitle.

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