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App Radar is changing how App Store Optimization is done. The tool helps developers get their apps and mobile games discovered in the app stores and manages your entire ASO workflow through one simple interface. Not only that, once your ASO is fixed, App Radar will also help you set up optimized Apple Search Ads to help you scale up your User Acquisition results.

Industry-leading companies like Kolibri Games, Tivola Games, NerByte & iTranslate rely on their platform and expertise to drive organic installs from app stores, to their apps and games.

To preview the tool, you can create your free account here.

Show Notes

Kripesh drops by our YouTube channel to give us detailed discussions on the things which can get apps suspended, so we can avoid these.

  1. Using copyrighted content – apps which downloads movies or songs without appropriate permissions are examples of these.
  2. Using trademark names – do not use brands which does not belong to you, if there is a need to use them, use them properly. Instead of using Instagram Editor, you can change it to Editor for Instagram.
  3. Using web views – your apps should not look like plain websites, design it in a way that it adds value versus the website version.
  4. Using adult content – placing sensitive content can get your apps removed from the store.
  5. Content rating – if you are showing ads for 18+ audience, then rate your apps accordingly.
  6. Use royalty-free images – download your images from websites offering royalty-free images such as Pexels or Unsplash.
  7. Avoid misleading names – your app should do what it states.
  8. Spamming – do not use repetitive keywords in your metadata, reviews, etc. If you are targeting certain keywords for ASO, do not overdo it.
  9. Repetitive Content – when reskinning, do not just change the skin. Make significant changes in content, functionality, color scheme, design, UI and the like.
  10. Offering incentives – you cannot offer these to your users in return for a review or a rating.

A bonus tip is added for those who can stay on after #10 so stay tuned 😉

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