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App Video Machine - Patrice Archer

App Video Machine – Patrice Archer


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About the Episode

What are the most important things you should consider before building your app? Well today’s guest gives us 3 things that we must think about and an example of how he did it with one of his apps. Also, if you’re feeling down about where you are in business and life, then listen to the part of the show where he talks about the low point in his entrepreneurial career.

Patrice Archer is the founder of App Video Machine.

Show Notes

Three Considerations Before Building Your App 

  • How to Make It Addictive – you should create an effect that the app is really easy to use and come up with something to entice your audience to want to come back. For their app, Plant Snapp, for example, they created it in a way where all you need to do is to take a photo and the answer of what that plant is comes back to you through push notifications and emails with details enticing you and re-engaging you to check to app more.
  • How to Make It Viral – make your app something that people should be able to share easily with others. The design should be very attractive as well and make it so that people would want to talk about it.
  • How to Monetize It –always think of how to make your app a business. Before you create the app and spend your money, test your concept, create a prototype, run it with friends and family and from their feedback, iterate again if you must. Then that’s the time you launch your MVP in the app store.

For Plant Snapp, Patrice took the route of having affiliates to monetize.  They placed links where you can click to buy the plant you like or give it to someone as a gift.

Entrepreneurial Lows

Patrice spent 10 years in banking and finance then when his first kid was born, he wanted to be there so he quit without thinking too much about it. The reality of how expensive it is raising a kid in UK crept in after that so he started doubting himself especially when his wife started asking questions. But he knew this is what he wanted to do. He pivoted and ended up working in an app company because he wanted to stay in this industry. He learned as much as he could there and after that, picked his pace up again and now he got an app agency, a portfolio of apps and is doing workshops for startups.

Is there one habit that attributes to your success? 

Aiming to be hyper focused and having what I call, ‘eat that frog’ habit where you do the most difficult thing that you don’t want to do first and give it all your focus.

Show Mentions

– App: Plant Snapp: (iTunes)

– Fav app: King of the Course Golf: (iTunes | Google Play)

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  • GREAT show! Thank you Steve for bringing amazing guest like Patrice! I will love to hear more from your guest about niche apps. Of course I will KILL for his ASO SOP 🙂 Please ask him to share his ASO SOP!

    Thank you!


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