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You’re going to discover how Apple Search Ads work for your paid apps.

How to Use Apple Search Ads for Paid Apps

Keywords are essential to make your app visible. It might be tempting to believe that the more keywords you use, the more downloads you will have but the fact of the matter is, you should not use too many keywords because it just won’t work. If you do so, there’s a tendency that you will include too many irrelevant keywords which won’t get you your needed ROI and the conversion rate of those keywords may not be as good as expected.

It’s recommended that you only use 10 to 15 keywords which are relevant to your app. You can start with your highest bid like $1 to $2 per click and limit the daily spend so that you will not waste too much money if it doesn’t work.

If the CPI is too high for a certain keyword, just reduce the bid each day until it gets to a good rate. This way, you won’t have to pay so much for it. You should also consider refund rates because some people would ask for a refund and then you would  lose money if you are at $3.50 per install.

Common Misconceptions About Apple Search Ads

Some people have the wrong expectations about search ads. A number believe that if they add search ads they will get tons of downloads immediately. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case.

Search is like a booster, if you have a good organic traffic  and people are converting well, then search ads will really help you. For those who only get 5 downloads a day organically, then perhaps it’s because there’s less traffic on your app or Apple doesn’t consider your app as relevant to users. Also, you won’t get a lot of impressions.

In addition, some people think that if they go up in the ranking they will stay there if they have search ads. However, you should note that this will only happen if your app is better than the other apps out there.

If your app is very similar to other apps’ keywords, you will not probably get up of those keywords because your app is just as good as the other apps and search ads won’t help you a lot by paying more for your users if your conversion rate is not just good enough. I recommend that you do not this as it will only be a waste of money.


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