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AppsFresh - Yohann Taieb

AppsFresh – Yohann Taieb


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About the Episode

How do you hit the top charts with a reskin? Well today’s guest gives us some tips that we can use to keep up with the trends and find a popular theme. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares some advice on how to quickly and affordably reskin an app.

Yohann Taieb is the founder of AppsFresh.

Show Notes

Keeping Up with Popular Trends

Yohann is very vocal about copyright infringements so he advises to create your own graphics instead of just cloning from others. You can excel in doing this by doing research in the App Store or even in You Tube. Map trends in there and find a theme that’s popular and leverage on this research. You can even get multiple themes from different trending apps and mix and match them to incorporate it in your own app.

Reskinning Apps Quickly and Affordably

Yohann is built on speed so he can get you the source codes of a popular app so fast that he can literally offer it just hours after an app is featured in Apple’s top charts. He does this mainly through the help of an in-house software which sends notice if a game develops velocity so he can get you the source codes for that quickly. He also outsources some tasks such as research and the graphics and they are very responsive in queries because emails go straight directly to them so they can give customers the support they need. There is no third party so cutting the middle man makes things faster and smoother.

At first, they had a lot of people asking questions so they came up with a process wherein they built a Q&A reference and adds an item every time they receive new queries. Apart from that, they put up lots of video tutorials and little refreshers for additional support

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Go cheap and fast. If you are new to the industry, take courses and do reskin first so you can learn and understand the domain and the process. Once you do, you can try to explore and move on to do your own portfolio.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Google Drive: (iTunes | Google Play) and all the apps from Google

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