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TechSmith – Michael Malinak

TechSmith – Michael Malinak

Techsmith – Daniel Foster

Techsmith – Daniel Foster


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About the Episode

Are you clueless when it comes to making nice videos for your app? Well today’s guests talk about a new software from Techsmith that allows developers to easily create iOS videos even if they have no idea where to start. Also listen to the part of the show where you can learn how to leverage social media for your marketing efforts.

Michael Malinak is the Startup Architect at TechSmith.

Daniel Foster is the Marketing Strategist at TechSmith.

Show Notes

Creating 30-second Preview Videos for Your Apps

With the upcoming IOS 8, app developers will now be able to have 30-second videos showcasing their apps and this video will be the key for users to really get the feel of how your app works and hook them in to purchase it. Techsmith can help you make great videos through AppShow in few easy steps. Upon connecting your Mac (which is downloaded with Tech Smith’s software) and your iOs device, you will see a live preview of whatever it is that you are doing, whether it’s swiping or tapping, in your device. A challenge would be how to make an awesome 30-second video in one take with all your preferred content in place. Instead of doing that, AppShow will help you break it down in small segments or little chunks of time. You can figure out what you want to do in first 3 seconds of the video, record that 3 seconds and then move on to the next 6 seconds. If you went over in a certain segment or you want to give some of the time to another chunk, the software can also guide you into keeping within bounds so the video can be accepted in the store.

Marketing Channels to Leverage On

Techsmith is looking at having a closed beta where they can give the software to selected people for feedback but once it is for sale in the store, this is the time that they plan to do full marketing push. For the mean time, they have started reaching out to the folks in their distribution lists asking them for help in getting the word out, after which, they are planning on infographics and content marketing and use Facebook and LinkedIn groups for it to go out to the community.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Don’t neglect your app preview video. The more pre-planning and thought you put in your video and making it work for you will the key to your success in the app store.

Show Mentions

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