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Sylvain Gauchet - Apptamin

Sylvain Gauchet – Apptamin

In this interview, you’ll find out just how important video is when marketing your mobile app. Also, think content marketing is just a buzz word? See how today’s guest used content marketing to land his first few sales, but continues to bring a constant (and growing) amount of leads.

Sylvain Gauchet of Apptamin talks about the importance of video in getting press and more downloads.

About Apptamin


Apptamin specializes in quickly and efficiently creating an app video that lets you easily show users and investors all of its great features.

Based in Montpellier, France the team of two has created app videos for, Chupa Mobile, Twitchat and many more. Combining several years of experience in video production and mobile app marketing and promotion, Apptamin can deliver high-quality videos that increase downloads and get attention from the press.

How to Use Content Marketing to Drive Sales

Sylvain started content marketing right off the bat. He looked at other blog posts to see what topics were not being covered. Then he started writing about that particular content to help bring in the first few sales.

Content marketing is still a key driver in driving traffic, leads and sales for Apptamin.

The App Video Production Process

1) Apptamin will get familiar with the app

2) Write a synopsis about the key points of the app

3) Then you get a quote for the video.

4) Once you agree to the quote then Apptamin will write a detailed script along with a storyboard of some of the main features of the app

5) After that’s approved then Apptamin creates the video

Biggest Challenges

Since English isn’t his first language, one of Sylvain’s biggest challenges was creating content.

During some slow months during the summer, Apptamin had a tough time keeping the motivation high with content marketing since the pay-off wasn’t immediate.

However, as an optimist, Sylvain continued to create good content and continues to attract new customers through content marketing.

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