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Apptentive - Robi Ganguly

Apptentive – Robi Ganguly


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About the Episode

Do you know exactly how your users feel about your app? Well today’s guest is the CEO of Apptentive and he tells us when and how to ask for user feedback that will drive more 5-star reviews for your app. Also, listen to the part of the interview where he tells us the type of questions you should ask that will actually yield valuable answers.

Robi Ganguly is the CEO and Co-founder of Apptentive.

Show Notes

Getting our products launched is just half of the game. Modification and updating the app are part of the next steps after this phase and feedback from your users is very essential for you to zoom in on what needs to be enhanced.

Our guest of this episode is Robi Ganguly, CEO and co-founder at Apptentive, a company which helps app developers gather much needed feedback by finding effective ways to talk to customers inside app through channels such as surveys and reviews.

Here are the highlights of my discussion with Robbie:

  • About Apptentive and how they funnel reviews through strategizing and timing prompts,
  • Setting the frequency of prompts depending on app usage and knowing the right time to ask for feedback,
  • Leaving Yahoo, Robi’s experiences in app development, how Apptentive came about and the early days that followed,
  • Self-education and book recommendations that you may find interesting, and
  • How to land big customers and Apptentive features that you need to know about. 

As Robbie had said it, the first version of our apps will not be perfect. We need guidance on the people who use them to direct us on what to work on next to make the experience better for them. This is a win-win scenario so app developers, do not fail to talk to your customers.

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